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Introducing the WFC Index Card: Everything you need to know about personal finance on one index card

We want to introduce WFC's own index card. You can fit almost all of personal finance, at least at a freshman level, on an index card. Really! We got the idea from the book called “The Index Card: Why Personal Finance Doesn’t Have to be Complicated”.

Personal finance is not complicated, it’s just that sometimes it is hard to do.

In any case, we have your back and we have written up an index card to make it more suitable for you...

Index card

  • Remember that the relationship you have with money is lifelong and should serve YOU

  • Under spend your income (save) by 20% per year

  • Save enough money for emergencies and invest the rest

  • Invest in low fee index funds; buy monthly (or yearly) regardless of what’s on TV

  • Ignore financial advice and market commentary on TV

  • Payoff credit cards monthly

  • Max out your contributions to your IRA, Employer 401, and other tax-advantaged accounts

  • Pay attention to fees that your Real Estate Agent, Insurance Agent, and Broker charge you. Ask them if they have a fiduciary obligation (i.e. they are at least supposed to work for your benefit.)

  • Negotiate harder for raises, YOU deserve it.

  • OPTIONAL but important, see if you can create an additional stream or streams of income in addition to your job.

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