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Welcome! You have come to the right place. How do I know that? Because no matter what, we all deserve and really need a community of womxn who can support us in our financial ups and downs from our first loan to our first mortgage to our first time dipping into our retirement savings.  

Let’s be frank. Financial planning is hard and often not fun. To make matters worse, many financial conversations are considered taboo. When was the last time you talked to your friend about your spending habits? Or your partner about your investment strategy? Or your coworker about your saving habits? For me, before intentionally making a change, I could count the times on one hand. 

Whether you are a recent college grad who just downloaded their first budgeting app or a recent retiree ready to start traveling the world, we will offer you guides and courses, we will offer you specific advice and most importantly we will offer you a community full of people at a similar stage in life as you. This community will help you through all your firsts so that we all feel comfortable and even happy with our finances because we never want money to be a barrier to your happiness. 

Join us to build your finances, build a community, and build a better you!

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